Day Breakers Automobile Club of Victoria

Daybreakers Automobile Club operates out of Carngham Victoria. Daybreakers was first established in 2012.

We welcome social members, this means you do not need to register a vehicle with us under the club permit scheme to attend events or come on runs.

We attempt to make all runs family friendly and are open to all suggestions including possible run locations, club merch can be purchased through Impact Teamwear.

President – Andrew Bush
Secretary – Renae Bush

If you would like anymore information or to speak to the president or secretary please use the contact us function on this page.


  • All vehicles must be a minimum of 25 years of age as from the year of manufactory.
  • The onus of age shall be with the applicant however the finally arbitrator shall be the club president or vice president.
  • All members must provide a current RWC to register a new vehicle with the daybreakers car club


Annual Subscription Fee:

  • All fees are payable to the club by or at the annual general meeting (AGM), no acceptations.
  • The Subscription fees are subject to change.
  • Changes will be decided at the annual meeting and all members will be informed of any changes that may occur.
  • for any questions related to Membership, use the contact us function for more information.

Responsibility of Automobile Members

  • Must be a member of Day Breakers Automobile club of Victoria.
  • If an owner of an Automobile, he or she is responsible of Automobile roadworthiness before participating in Club Events.
  • Members need to have a valid membership before attending Club Events.
  • All inquires must be directed to the Secretary.
  • In the event of a sale of an Automobile that has been issued with Victorian Club Automobile plates or the resignation of the member, the member must return the plates to Vic Roads.
  • All members must attend at least one meeting per year.
  • All members must provide a current RWC to register a new vehicle with the daybreakers car club

Insurance requirements

  • A minimum of third party property damage insurance is recommended.

Statement of purpose

The principal purpose of the association is to encourage the ownership, preservation, operation and promotion of Automobiles for enthusiasts in a social setting.
The secondary purposes of the association are:

  • To promote good fellowship between members interested in automobiles.
  • To promote community awareness of automobiles and the association.
  • To educate, train, coach, assist and encourage members in there automobile pursuits.
  • To further the interests of the automobile club.